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Crumble Or Pellet?

Our Baffle has been used with pellet and crumble feeds. We have had no issues with bridging over of feed even in wet humid states like Washington. This is important to note that many similar DIY feeders do bridge over and keep the feed from getting to the ports. This leaves you thinking the feeder is still full but the feed is not available to your flock! Rest assured, we have tested ours with positive results.

Built Using Latest Technology

During designing our product, we utilized 3D printing to perfect the Baffle designs to ensure you won't spill valuable feed while carrying your bucket. This method also allowed us to get the port size correct to accommodate small and large poultry.

All Products Available Wholesale

Talk to your local farmer supply store today about our business!

We have sturdy eye-catching store packaging with UPC and complete instructions for assembly. This allows for lower shipping cost since nesting of the pails is possible

Our baffle kits are only

available in black at this time!

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