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Poultry Feeder for

Clients Nationwide

Warning!  Never use Buckets that contain harmful chemicals!

Installing our poultry feeder is simple. Poultry Pail Products provides you with easy-to-follow instructions so your chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks can start enjoying their food! Send us a message if you need any help in setting up our product.  Please visit our YouTube channel at Poultry Pail Products


Be sure to wear safety glasses and work carefully.Measure and mark 4 inches from the bottom of bucket to the center of the hole.
Make sure you line the center of the hole with the bucket handle. This helps keep the baffles centered.
Cut a 3-inch diameter hole around the center mark.
Repeat the process on the other side of the bucket.

6. Insert screws into the small holes in the baffles.

7. Insert the baffle and hardware into the 3-inch holes

8. Tighten the screws to the coupling nut with a screwdriver until the bolts bottom out on each other.

Now you are ready to feed the birds! This setup works with all fowls. Stack them for taller birds and insert more baffles to allow for more feed ports for territorial hens.

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