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Save Time & Money on Poultry Feeding by

Using Our Bucket Baffle!

All Product Available Wholesale

Talk to your local farmer supply store today about our business!

Buy our poultry feeder online! Poultry Pail Products in Greenbank, Washington offers our patent-pending Bucket Baffle, which you can use to feed your fowl in a more efficient way. Payments made via PayPal are accepted. For more information on our product, get in touch with us today.

We ship anywhere in the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska!

Or contact your local feed or livestock store to get them to carry our Bucket baffle kit or complete Bucket Feeder.


Bucket Baffle

For black kits  visit our store on


For Blue Kits

For Blue Baffle Kit please go to


Bucket Feeder

Bucket Feeder kit includes 2 baffles and hardware necessary to assembly and a 5 gallon bucket with easy off lid and holes already cut.  

see us on Amazon at

Instructions for Product Installation

If you need any assistance in placing an order or setting up our product, get in touch with us so we can be of assistance. You can also view the assembly instructions right here on our website.

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